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Component Drawings
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padCD-2-A.jpg: Drawing number CD-2-A, fill neck cap. 1962-10-04 - Pacific Truck Manufacturing collection
Exploded Isometric Drawings
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eidPL-160-1.jpg: Exploded isometric diagram PL-160-1, C-2 cab assembly. - S. McKenzie collection
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eidPL-110-2.jpg: Exploded isometric diagram PL-110-2, AR-16-F rad assembly. - S. McKenzie collection

To date, no documents have been submitted. If you would like to submit to the gallery, have a look at the Content Submission page for details.

Wiring Diagrams
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wirWG-A-1.jpg: Wiring diagram WG-A-1, truck accessory circuit. 1961-01-11 - S. McKenzie collection
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wirWG-C-2.jpg: Wiring diagram WG-C-2, colour code of terminal blocks used on std. truck. 1961-01-19 - S. McKenzie collection
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wirWG-S-3.jpg: Wiring diagram WG-S-3, starting & charging circuit 12 volt std. truck. 1962-05-01 - S. McKenzie collection
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wirWG-T-3.jpg: Wiring diagram WG-T-3, turn signal wiring 12 volt. 1962-04-13 - S. McKenzie collection