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PDF Library


The PDF Library holds a complete listing of all documents - with the exception of parts records - currently available online in PDF format. In order to view these items you will need a PDF Document Reader which can be otained for free online, Adobe Reader is a good start and is available for free here.

Component Drawings

LinkDescriptionSubmitted ByPrinted
CD-2-A.pdfDrawing number CD-2-A, fill neck cap.Pacific Truck Manufacturing1962-10-04

Exploded Isometric Drawings

LinkDescriptionSubmitted ByPrinted
PL-110-2.pdfExploded isometric diagram PL-110-2, AR-16-F rad assembly.S. McKenzie
PL-160-1.pdfExploded isometric diagram PL-160-1, C-2 cab assembly.S. McKenzie


LinkDescriptionSubmitted ByPrinted
P9.pdfA letter from Pacific Truck and Trailer declaring the rarity of the P9.S. McKenzie1995-07-14

Wiring Diagrams

LinkDescriptionSubmitted ByPrinted
WG-A-1.pdfWiring diagram WG-A-1, truck accessory circuit.S. McKenzie1961-01-11
WG-C-2.pdfWiring diagram WG-C-2, colour code of terminal blocks used on std. truck.S. McKenzie1961-01-19
WG-S-3.pdfWiring diagram WG-S-3, starting & charging circuit 12 volt std. truck.S. McKenzie1962-05-01
WG-T-3.pdfWiring diagram WG-T-3, turn signal wiring 12 volt.S. McKenzie1962-04-13